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Your all-in-one Creator suite: effortlessly manage campaigns, create automated Jet Kits (your dynamic media kits) and comprehensive reporting tools.

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Create and customise your Jet Kits in minutes

Connect TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, X, Youtube, and more to come. It all comes together. Your analytics in one place easily shareable to the brands. Close deals, better, faster, with fresh and updated data.

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A simple and customizable dashboard, providing reliable and continuously updated data. Share your analytics with a single click. Your online success just a click away!

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Secure API connections

Easy & Secure API connections

How CreatorsJet works?

Register securely, connect your social networks, create a dynamic Jet Kit with your statistics, share it via a single link.

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Your brand. Your narrative. Our all-in-one suite.

CreatorsJet makes collab easy and impactful. Showcase your achievements, take charge of your brand presentation and enhance your personal image.

CreatorsJet is an all-in-one suite for content creators. It simplifies brand collaborations by managing campaigns and creating dynamic, automated Jet Kits for easy analytics sharing. CreatorsJet supports major social platforms, centralizing data. Our tools enable creators to showcase their achievements and analytics quickly, securely, and effectively, enhancing their brand narrative and collaboration opportunities.

CreatorsJet is for content Creators across various platforms aiming to supercharge their brand collaborations. It caters to individual Creators, Artists, Athletes, Influencers, and social media Personalities, providing tools to manage campaigns, and effectively showcase their analytics and achievements to potential collaborator.

No, your passwords are never stored on All connections are made securely via the first-party authentication window on each platform.

We don't, CreatorsJet is a creator-centric company. We don't sell user data to brands or third-party data companies.

Jet Kit are updated weekly for free users. Jet Kit are updated daily for Pro and Agency users.

Yes, you may cancel anytime. All you need to do is head over to the "My Plan" section of CreatorsJet. From there you’ll be able to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription.

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