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How CreatorsJet works?

Creatorsjet is a platform where brands can effortlessly launch campaigns, connect with a vast network of creative talent, and receive tailored media kit submissions from creators worldwide.

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1. Sign Up

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2. Setup your Brand

Add your logo and name to prepare your brand.

3. Craft your Camapign

Design a campaign with custom criteria for Creator matches.

4. Receive applications

Get alerts when Creators submit their media kits.


Simple Steps to Success

Start with customized campaigns, receive insightful media kits from creators, and effortlessly find the perfect matches that truly align with your brand's spirit.


For brands seeking meaningful collaborations



($166.58/month billed annually)

  • 2 active campaigns
  • Unlimited Creators applications
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  • Priority support

Your brand. Your narrative.

CreatorsJet makes collaborations easy and impactful. Showcase your company and enhance your brand image in front of our Creator community.

Our community is comprised of diverse and talented creators from around the globe, specializing in various niches such as lifestyle, tech, beauty, food, and more. Each creator is vetted to ensure quality and relevance for our brand partners.

Our platform focuses on quality and relevance, ensuring that only creators who match your brand's criteria can apply to your campaigns. Plus, our secure analytics and direct application process streamline the collaboration, making it efficient and effective.

Our media kits include secure analytics directly from social media APIs, providing you with comprehensive insights into each creator's performance and audience.

Yes, you have the flexibility to adjust your campaign criteria at any point to better match your evolving marketing strategies and objectives.

The $1999 annual fee allows you full access to our platform and its features for one year, with no hidden fees or minimum commitment beyond that. This approach ensures transparency and flexibility for your marketing strategies.

Our platform offers detailed analytics and reporting tools that allow you to track the performance of your campaigns in real-time. Additionally, you'll receive direct feedback and metrics from the collaborations with creators, enabling you to measure ROI effectively.

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