TikTok shadowban: keep your account healthy

November 15, 2023 -Practical guides

TikTok shadowban: keep your account healthy

TikTok is a popular social media app known for its short, fun videos and the latest trends. But there's a hidden problem called a TikTok shadowban that can make it hard for people to see your videos. This means your videos might not get noticed, which can stop your account from growing.

Understanding TikTok shadowbans

Understanding TikTok shadowbans

What is a TikTok shadowban?

A TikTok shadowban is an unofficial term used to describe a situation where TikTok temporarily restricts the visibility of an account or its content.

This means that your videos will not appear on the "For You" page (FYP) or in hashtag searches, even though they are still publicly available. As a result, your reach and engagement will plummet, making it difficult to grow your audience and achieve your content goals.

How does a TikTok shadowban work?

TikTok's algorithm is designed to curate content and present users with videos that are most likely to interest them. However, this algorithm can also be used to flag and filter out content that violates TikTok's Community Guidelines or is deemed inappropriate or spammy.

When your account is shadowbanned, your videos are effectively hidden from the majority of TikTok users, even if they are relevant to the platform's audience.

Signs that you may be shadowbanned on TikTok

If you notice a sudden and significant drop in your TikTok engagement metrics, it's a good indication that you may be shadowbanned. This includes a decrease in likes, views, comments, and new followers.

Additionally, if you find that your videos are no longer appearing in hashtag searches or on the FYP, this is a strong sign that your account has been restricted.

Causes of TikTok shadowbans

Breaking TikTok's rules

Getting shadowbanned on TikTok often happens when users don't follow the app's rules. These rules forbid things like adult content, violence, hate speech, illegal activities, and spreading false information. If your posts go against these rules, TikTok might hide your content or even ban your account.

Spamming or being inappropriate

Another reason for shadowbans is inappropriate behavior, like posting too much, using deceptive methods to get views, rapidly changing your follower list, or bothering others with too much self-promotion. These actions can lead to your content being shadowbanned or to a permanent ban from TikTok.

Using others' content without permission

If you use someone else's music, videos, or images without permission, you risk a shadowban. Also, pretending to be someone else or misleadingly tagging your content can cause issues.

Technical problems

Sometimes, shadowbans are due to technical glitches in TikTok's system. If you think your content is unfairly hidden and you haven't broken any rules, it might be a technical issue. In such cases, reaching out to TikTok support could help solve the problem.

Identifying and recovering from a TikTok shadowban

Identifying and recovering from a TikTok shadowban

Watching your TikTok stats

To see if you're shadowbanned on TikTok, keep an eye on your account's stats like likes, views, comments, new followers, and how many people watch your videos to the end. A big drop in these numbers might mean you're shadowbanned.

Checking your videos for rule breaks

If you think you're shadowbanned, look over your recent videos to make sure they follow TikTok's rules. Be careful with what you post, avoid sexual, violent, or hateful content, and don't use misleading titles or wrong hashtags. Also, make sure you're not using someone else's work without permission.

Asking TikTok to check again

If you think TikTok shadowbanned you by mistake, you can ask them to look into it. In the app, go to your profile, then settings, and report a problem. Tell them about your situation and wait for their response.

How to avoid shadowbans in the future

To keep from getting shadowbanned again, always follow TikTok's rules. Make good, original videos and talk to your followers. Don't spam or use tricks to get more views, and don't use music or videos that aren't yours without permission.

Strategies to avoid TikTok shadowbans

Understanding TikTok's rules

To avoid shadowbans, it's crucial to know and follow TikTok's rules. These guidelines tell you what's not allowed on TikTok to keep the platform safe and fun.

Make sure you read and understand these rules. TikTok sometimes updates its guidelines, so keep checking for any new changes. If you're unsure about any rule, ask TikTok's support team for help.

Posting regularly and making good videos

Making and sharing good videos regularly can help keep your TikTok account active and avoid shadowbans. Have a schedule for when you post your videos. Focus on creating videos that are original and interesting for your audience.

Be aware of what's popular on TikTok and try to add your own twist to these trends. Also, listen to what your followers like and make videos they enjoy.

Talking to your Followers without spamming

Interacting with your followers can make your TikTok community stronger and help prevent shadowbans. Answer their comments and messages. Start conversations and get your followers involved.

Working with other TikTok creators can also bring new followers to your account. But remember not to spam your followers with too much self-promotion.

Following copyright rules and giving credit

It's important to respect copyright laws on TikTok. If you use someone else's music, videos, or pictures, get permission first. Always give credit to the original creators.

Focus on making your own content to show what's unique about you. If you see someone using content without permission, report it to TikTok.

Additional tips and resources for TikTok users

Keeping up with TikTok's rules and updates

To avoid shadowbans, it's important to know the latest rules and changes on TikTok. Regularly visiting TikTok's Help Center will keep you informed about the platform's guidelines and updates. Watching TikTok's official social media like Twitter and Instagram can also give you news about changes.

Signing up for TikTok's newsletters or email updates is another good way to stay updated. And joining TikTok communities and forums helps you learn from other users and keep up with the latest news.

Using tools to check for shadowbans

Although TikTok doesn't officially say if someone is shadowbanned, there are tools you can use to check. Websites like TikTok Shadowban Checker analyze your account's activity to see if you might be shadowbanned.

Analytic platforms like Social Blade and NoxInfluencer offer deeper looks into your account's performance. Mobile apps like Shadowban Detector for TikTok can also alert you if they think you're shadowbanned.

Participating in TikTok forums where users share their shadowban experiences can also help you find out if you have a problem.

Getting help from TikTok

If you think you're shadowbanned, contact TikTok's Help Center for assistance. You can open a support ticket to explain your situation and give details about your account. Joining TikTok's support groups on social media or online forums can give you advice and connect you with others in similar situations.

Sharing your experiences with TikTok's community can provide feedback and support. Remember, fixing a shadowban might take time, so be patient. Follow TikTok's guidelines and work with their support team for the best chance of resolving your issue.

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