Instagram Reels: 7 tips and tricks to get more views

October 24, 2023 -Content creation

Instagram Reels: 7 tips and tricks to get more views

Creating cool Instagram Reels is about making videos that people love to watch. It's like putting together a mini-movie that grabs everyone's attention.

The way your video looks, with good lighting and clear sound, and the moment you decide to share it all play a big part in getting more people to see what you've made.

When you pay attention to these details, it's like giving your Reels a special magic touch. People are drawn to videos that are well-made and interesting.

So, let's explore these steps in detail and make your Instagram Reels truly captivating!

Make your Reels look and sound good

1. Make your Reels look and sound good

People are more likely to watch and engage with Reels that are well-made and visually appealing. This means using good lighting, sound, and editing techniques. It also means creating content that is interesting and relevant to your target audience.

Here are some tips for making your Reels look and sound good:

  • Use good lighting: If you're filming indoors, try to film near a window or other natural light source. If you're filming outdoors, avoid filming in direct sunlight, as this can make your footage look overexposed.

  • Use good sound: If you're using audio in your Reel, make sure it's clear and easy to understand. You can use a microphone to improve the sound quality of your recordings.

  • Edit your Reels: Once you've filmed your Reel, take some time to edit it. This could involve trimming the footage, adding music or effects, or adding text overlays.

  • Make your Reels interesting and relevant: Think about what your audience is interested in and create content that they will find informative or entertaining.

Create suspense in the first few seconds

2. Create suspense in the first few seconds

Think of the start of your Reel like the opening sentence of a really interesting story. It's where you get everyone curious and eager to watch more.

You can begin with a song you really like. When people hear a song they enjoy, they're more likely to keep watching.

Another way is to show a clip that's really cool. This could be something funny, something that looks awesome, or something related to what you're going to talk about.

Or, you could ask a question that surprises people. This makes them want to know the answer and keeps them watching.

If you prefer, you can use words on the screen to introduce your topic or ask a question. It's like giving your viewers a little preview of what's coming up.

Remember, these first moments are your special invitation to get everyone interested and excited about your Reel!

Use trending audio

3. Use trending audio

Think of your Reel like a little movie, and the sound you choose is like the background music. Using sounds that lots of people like can make your Reel even more fun.

It's a bit like playing a song everyone enjoys. When you use popular sounds in your Reels, more people might want to watch and like them.

Finding these sounds is easy. It's like going to a library, but for music! In the Reels library, there's a special section called "Trending". Here, you'll discover sounds that lots of people are using on Instagram right now.

But what if you have a particular sound in mind? No problem! There's a search bar. Just tap it, type the name of the sound you're thinking of, and there it is.

Once you've found the perfect sound, it's as simple as tapping to add it to your Reel. It's like adding a special ingredient to a recipe.

By using these popular sounds, you're not only making your Reel more exciting, but you're also increasing the chances that more people will see and enjoy what you've created. It's a smart way to get more views and likes!

Use text overlays and captions

4. Use text overlays and captions

Making your Reels even cooler is easy when you add some words. It's like telling a bit more of the story in your video.

You can put words in boxes that you can see through, and you can put them anywhere on your video. It's like writing on a see-through window!

Or, you can put words at the bottom of your video. These words tell you what's being said in your Reel. It's like having a friend who helps you understand what's happening.

To add words, just tap on the little picture that looks like a letter in the tools. Then, write your words and choose how you want them to look - like picking different colors or styles. You can even make them move around or have cool shadows!

Adding words makes your Reels even more interesting and helpful for the people watching. It's also a great way to make sure everyone, including those who might not hear well, can enjoy your videos!

Post consistently

5. Post consistently

A smart trick to get more people to watch your Instagram Reels is to share them regularly. Try to share a Reel every day, or as often as you can. This way, more people will see what you create.

When you share Reels often, it's more likely that people will spot them in their feeds. This is because Instagram likes it when you share things regularly.

Think about your Reels ahead of time. This will save you time and make it easier to share them regularly. You can use a special tool to plan when your Reels will be shared, even if you're not online at that moment.

Get creative and try out different kinds of Reels. This keeps your audience interested and excited about what you make.

By sharing your Reels regularly, you're giving yourself a better chance of having more people watch them and enjoy what you create. It's a neat way to reach even more folks!

Collaborate with other creators

6. Collaborate with other creators

Teaming up with other creators is a fantastic way to introduce your Reels to new viewers. You can team up by sharing each other's Reels on your accounts or by making Reels together.

When teaming up with other creators, keep these tips in mind:

  • Look for creators who have a similar audience to yours.

  • Reach out to creators you admire and see if they're interested in teaming up.

  • Clearly communicate what you'd like to achieve with the collaboration.

  • Always respect the other creator's time and effort.

Collaborating with other creators is a wonderful way to help each other grow and reach more people. Plus, it's a lot of fun!

Analyze your results

7. Analyze your results

Checking how your Reels are doing is like looking at a scoreboard in a game. It helps you see what's going well and what might need a little boost.

Instagram has a tool called "Insights" that shows you how many people watched, liked, and commented on your Reels. You can also see which Reels are bringing the most new visitors to your profile.

Understanding your Reels' performance is important. Here are some ideas for getting insights:

  • Regularly check your Reels insights. It's like keeping an eye on how you're doing in a race.

  • Notice which Reels get lots of views, likes, and comments. This gives you a hint about what your followers really enjoy.

  • Pay attention to which Reels send the most people to your profile. This tells you which ones are the best at bringing in new followers.

Try different kinds of Reels to see which ones your followers like the most. It's like trying out different games to see which one is the most fun.

By looking at how your Reels are doing, you can figure out what your followers really like and what they might not be as interested in. This can help you make even better Reels in the future!

By following these steps, you're set to shine on Instagram Reels. Make great videos, start with a bang, add popular sounds, team up with pals, post regularly, and keep an eye on how you're doing.

So, go ahead and create! With these tips, you'll make amazing Reels that everyone will love.

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