7 mistakes to avoid as an influencer

November 9, 2023 -Content creation

7 mistakes to avoid as an influencer

Social media lets people become popular and have a big following. But, with that chance to shine, you also need to be careful not to fall into traps that can slow you down.

We're going to talk about seven big mistakes you should stay away from if you want to do well as an influencer. If you know what these mistakes are and how to avoid them, you can move forward online in a real and sure way.

Not being true to yourself

1. Not being true to yourself

Being real is a big deal if you want to do well as an influencer. When you're genuine, people who follow you will trust and relate to you more. This trust can lead to more interactions, better deals with companies, and a stronger influencer career.

Plus, when you're true to yourself, you make deeper connections with your followers, which means they'll keep supporting you.

Being different and real helps you stand out in a world where many influencers might not be so genuine. This uniqueness draws followers who really care about you and what you share.

To keep it real, think about what you believe in and let that guide what you post. Always be yourself, share your real thoughts and experiences, and don't be afraid to show that you're not perfect.

If you stay true to your style and beliefs, your followers will come to know and love the real you.

Promoting too many products

2. Promoting too many products

Talking about products too much can turn people off if you're trying to be an influencer. It's good to work with brands and talk about stuff you like, but you have to be careful not to do it too much.

If all you do is push products, people might start seeing you just as someone who sells things, not as an influencer they can relate to.

When you promote too much, people might not feel a real connection with you, and they might not trust you as much.

They could think you care more about selling than about what they want or need. If you seem too salesy, it could hurt your reputation and make it hard for you to make real connections with your followers.

To not overdo it with promotions, try to make sure most of what you post is about connecting with people, not just selling stuff. When you do talk about products, pick ones that you really believe in and that match what you and your followers care about.

When you share about a product, make it part of your normal posts and tell your own stories about it. Always be clear when you're posting an ad, and try to give your followers useful information, not just a sales pitch.

This way, you can share about products without losing the trust and interest of your followers.

Not talking to your audience

3. Not talking to your audience

The people who follow you are super important for your success as an influencer. If they're not really into what you're doing, it's tough to keep them around for a long time.

Having a good back-and-forth with your followers is key because it makes them feel special and listened to, which can make them really like and stick with your brand. It also lets you see what they like and don't like, which helps you make stuff they really enjoy.

Plus, when your audience is into what you post, they'll share it, making more people notice you. By chatting and connecting with your followers, you show you care about them, not just about being popular, which makes you seem more trustworthy.

To get your audience involved, make sure you answer their comments and messages quickly. This lets them know you're paying attention. Try to make things fun by asking them questions, getting their opinions, or even running contests.

If you can, do live videos to talk to them in real-time. And don't forget to join in on groups or forums where your followers hang out. This can help you meet more people who might like your content.

Not being honest about your relationships with brands

4. Not being honest about your relationships with brands

Being clear and honest is super important when you're an influencer. When you work with companies and talk about their stuff, you should always let your followers know that it's an ad. Hiding that you're getting paid to say good things about something isn't cool.

Being honest keeps your followers trusting you. They want to know when you're showing them something because you're paid for it. If they think you're tricking them, they might stop believing in what you say. Being open about ads is not just about being nice, it's also the law in many places.

You could get into trouble if you don't tell people about your ad deals. Telling the truth about ads stops any mix-ups and shows that you're a good example for other influencers. It helps make the whole influencer world more real and trustworthy.

To stay honest, always say clearly when you're posting an ad. Tell your followers why you're working with a brand and how it fits with what you believe in. Keep doing this the same way everywhere you post, so everyone's clear.

And make sure you know the rules about ads so you don't get into trouble. Listen to what your followers say about this, too. It can help you get better at being open with them.

By sticking to being open and honest, you'll show you're a good influencer and build a real connection with your followers. This helps you do well for a long time.

Not using the right tools

5. Not using the right tools

Influencers always want to make their content better and get more people to see and interact with it. But they might not remember that there are tools that can help a lot with reaching these goals.

Having the right tools can speed things up and let influencers spend more time making awesome content. These tools can help your posts look amazing and be perfect for each social media platform.

They also let you understand what your followers are into, helping you create stuff they'll really engage with. Tools can spread your content even further, and even help you team up with other influencers.

For example, CreatorsJet is a cool tool for when you want to show off your work to brands. It makes a media kit and generates campaign reports for you, updating all the analytics automatically. You can share it with just a link, which is super professional and helpful when you're talking to brands.

There are also tools that help with planning and scheduling your content, so it posts automatically. And you can find tools that give you all the stats about your posts, so you know what's hitting the mark.

If you're working with other influencers, there are tools to organize everything you're doing together. And for managing all your social media accounts, there are tools that keep everything neat and tidy.

6. Not promoting your content

Once you've made some really good content, don't just leave it there. Spread it around on different social media, send it to websites that talk about the same things, and team up with other influencers to get it seen by more people.

Talking about your content a lot is super important because it gets more people to see it. When more people see your content, they might start to follow you, talk about your stuff, and share it with others. That's what you want to grow as an influencer.

Getting your posts out there and working with other influencers can also introduce you to new people who might like what you do. Plus, when companies see lots of people liking and talking about your posts, they'll want to work with you.

When you share your posts, think about the best time when most of your followers are online. Make your posts interesting and fun to get people talking. Use hashtags that make sense for your topic so people looking for that kind of content can find you.

Teaming up with other influencers is a great way to get your content seen by even more people. And don't forget to talk back to the people who comment on your posts to build a community. Keep an eye on what works best for your posts and keep doing that.

By keeping up with sharing your content and chatting with your audience, you help your online presence grow and grow. Remember, it's all about getting people to see your content and talk about it.

Not tracking your results

7. Not tracking your results

It's really important for influencers to look at how they're doing by checking out their stats. Without looking at the numbers, it's like trying to move forward without seeing where you're going. You won't know if what you're doing is working.

Seeing your stats tells you a lot about who's following you and what they like. You can figure out which of your posts are a hit and which ones are a miss. This helps you keep doing the stuff that people love and change what they don't. Watching your numbers go up can also give you a boost and show you're on the right track.

Paying attention to what's popular or new can help you keep your posts fresh and exciting. Plus, when you talk to brands, showing them your numbers can really prove how good you are at what you do.

You should keep an eye on things like how many people are liking and commenting on your posts, how many new people are seeing your stuff, and how many new followers you're getting.

It's also cool to see where your followers come from and what they're into. There are tools out there that can help you with all of this, like the analytics on social media sites or other apps made just for keeping track of your stats.

Here's what you can do: Have clear goals in mind, like getting more comments or reaching more people. Regularly check your numbers to see how you're doing.

Don't just collect numbers, think about what they mean and how they can help you do better. It can also help to make your data look nice and easy to understand, like with charts or graphs.

And most importantly, use what you learn from the numbers to make your content even better. By keeping track of your performance and using what you learn, you can really nail your strategy, hit your goals, and become an amazing influencer.

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