7 common mistakes to avoid in influencer marketing

November 1, 2023 -Influencer marketing

7 common mistakes to avoid in influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that businesses of all sizes can use to reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals.

However, it is important to avoid common mistakes in order to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Not having clear marketing goals

1. Not having clear marketing goals

Not having clear goals is a big mistake in influencer marketing. If you don't set goals, you can't tell if your campaign is working or if you need to change something.

Here's how to set good goals:

  • Know who you want to talk to with your campaign.

  • Decide what you want from your campaign. Do you want more people to know about your brand, visit your website, or buy something?

  • Make your goals clear and something you can measure. For example, "I want more website visits from influencers by 10% in 3 months."

After you set goals, you can make a plan to reach them.

Here are some ideas for a brand awareness campaign:

  • Increase website traffic from influencer referrals by 10% in the next quarter.

  • Increase social media engagement (likes, comments, and shares) by 20% in the next month.

  • Generate 10,000 new followers on social media in the next six months.

Lead generation campaign:

  • Generate 100 new qualified leads per month from influencer referrals.

  • Increase the number of email subscribers by 500 per month from influencer referrals.

  • Increase the number of social media followers who visit your website by 25% in the next quarter.

Sales campaign:

  • Increase sales by 15% in the next quarter through influencer promotions.

  • Generate $10,000 in revenue from influencer-driven sales in the next month.

  • Increase the conversion rate of website visitors from influencer referrals by 10% in the next six months.

By having good goals, you can make sure your influencer marketing works well and is worth the money.

Not doing proper research while selecting influencers

2. Not doing proper research while selecting influencers

Choosing an influencer without looking into them first can be risky for businesses. It's like picking shoes without knowing if they fit. Sometimes, the influencer might not truly represent the company, or they might not have real fans following them.

When an influencer doesn't really fit with a brand, it can confuse people. Plus, even if they have many followers, what's important is how much those followers interact with the influencer's posts. Some influencers might also be dishonest, pretending they have more fans than they do or hiding any bad feedback.

To avoid problems, businesses should see what the influencer has posted before, find out more about their followers, and see how much their followers talk to them.

It's also good to watch for any signs they might not be honest, like suddenly getting lots of followers out of nowhere.

In the end, using influencers can help a lot, but it's important to pick the right ones. A little bit of checking can make sure the brand's message gets out in the best way.

Micromanaging influencers

3. Micromanaging influencers

Telling influencers every tiny thing to do is a mistake some businesses make. This can limit their creativity and make the content feel less real. It can also strain the relationship between the company and the influencer, making them not want to work together again. Plus, it takes up a lot of time that could be used better.

Influencers are known for their fresh ideas and realness. It's best to trust them while guiding them on the brand's main points. Before working with them, let them know what the brand stands for and what the goals are. Then, let them decide how to present it. If there's any feedback, share it in a helpful way without dictating every step. Remember, influencers are good at what they do, so trust them.

Doing this helps the marketing work better, builds a good bond with the influencer, and saves time and effort.

4. Not disclosing sponsored content

Not saying when content is sponsored is a mistake. This can break laws and make people lose trust in the brand. People actually prefer knowing when content is sponsored because it feels more honest.

To fix this, businesses should always say clearly when something is sponsored. They should use easy words and put the message where people can easily see it. For example, in a social media post, they could write "Sponsored by [brand name]" at the beginning.

When businesses are open about their sponsored content, they avoid trouble and people trust them more.

Working with the wrong influencers

5. Working with the wrong influencers

Choosing the wrong person to promote your business can be a big problem. If they don't match what your business stands for or don't connect with the people you want to reach, you might end up wasting money and time.

Imagine being a high-end brand and teaming up with someone who often shares wild or shocking content. This can make your brand look out of place and even push your customers away. Also, if the person doesn't really care about their followers or doesn't create good content, you're just throwing away your resources.

In the worst cases, this wrong match can even hurt your sales or how people see your brand. If people find out your promoter did something bad or always shares hurtful things, they might not trust your business anymore. So, it's super important to pick the right person to represent your brand.

Not maintaining influencer relationships

6. Not maintaining influencer relationships

Building a good bond with influencers is something businesses sometimes overlook. Keeping up a good connection with them is like keeping a friendship. It means you'll have a lasting team-up and make the most out of promoting your stuff.

Always get back to them quickly when they message you. It shows you care about them. Share their posts on your pages to show you're cheering them on. Let them know if they're doing a great job or if there are areas to tweak. Think about giving them special deals or early peeks at new things you're selling. And don't forget a simple 'thank you' can go a long way.

When you keep up with this bond, your brand can reach more people and look better overall. People might even buy more from you because they trust who's talking about your products. Think of it like planting a seed. The more you care for it, the bigger and better it grows. So, looking after your bond with influencers means a brighter future for your promotions.

Not using a contract

7. Not using a contract

Businesses sometimes forget to make a written deal when they team up with influencers. This written deal, or contract, is like a promise that both sides understand what they're meant to do. Having this makes sure both the business and the influencer are safe if anything goes wrong.

In this promise, it should be clear what the influencer will do, like what kind of posts they'll make and where they'll post them. It should also say how much they'll get paid and how they can use the things they create. The influencer should also promise to tell their followers when they're paid to promote something. Both sides should also know how to end the partnership if they need to.

When there's a written deal, there's less chance for problems later. Both sides know what to expect. Plus, it shows they're serious about working together. So, having a contract is like having a safety net for both the business and the influencer, making sure everything goes smoothly.

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