6 tips for creating viral Tiktoks

October 30, 2023 -Content creation

6 tips for creating viral Tiktoks

TikTok is a popular app where people share videos. Even though there are over 1 billion users, making your video stand out isn't easy because of so much daily content.

Going viral on TikTok matters for several reasons. It helps you reach more viewers, potentially getting chances to work with brands to earn money. Going viral also makes you famous for your special videos and ideas, positioning you as a standout creator in your field and bringing in new opportunities.

Beyond the benefits, making viral TikToks is also enjoyable. It's a fantastic feeling when people worldwide enjoy your content. For those who love making videos, it's a fun way to connect with many.

In this article, we'll share six tips to help your TikToks go viral, ensuring they grab attention and get shared widely.

Hook your audience immediately

1. Hook your audience immediately

The first few seconds of your TikTok video are crucial for grabbing viewers' attention. If you can't hook your audience within the first few seconds, they're likely to scroll past your video and watch something else.

Imagine you're walking down a busy street and see a store with a cluttered display window. You're not likely to stop and go inside, right? The same is true for TikTok videos. If your video's first few seconds are dull or uninspired, viewers are likely to scroll past.

So how do you create a strong hook?

Here are a few tips:

  • Start with a bang: Open your video with something unexpected, surprising, or visually appealing. This could be a funny or shocking statement, a stunning visual, or a catchy song.

  • Ask a question: Asking a question is a great way to pique viewers' curiosity and get them thinking about your topic. The question could be related to your video's content, or it could be a more general question that is relevant to your target audience.

  • Tell a story: Humans are wired to love stories. Starting your video with a short story is a great way to capture viewers' attention and keep them engaged.

  • Use a trend or challenge: Participating in a popular TikTok trend or challenge is a great way to get your video seen by more people. Just be sure to put your own unique spin on the trend or challenge to make your video stand out.

  • Be yourself: Viewers can spot a fake from a mile away, so be authentic and genuine in your videos. Let your personality shine through, and don't be afraid to be yourself.

No matter what approach you choose, make sure your hook is relevant to your target audience and that it accurately reflects the content of your video. If you can do that, you'll be well on your way to creating TikTok videos that are watched and shared.

Keep it short and sweet

2. Keep it short and sweet

TikTok videos can be up to 10 minutes long now, but short ones often get more views. On average, people watch a TikTok for just 15 seconds. So, if you want more people to watch your whole video and share it, try to keep it under two minutes.

If you decide to make a longer video, it should be really interesting. To keep people watching, you could use popular sounds or tell a good story. Also, make sure the start of your video grabs attention. A surprising or funny beginning can pull viewers in.

Your videos should look and sound good, even if you don't use professional equipment. Good lighting and clear sound make a difference. Editing is also important. Remove parts that aren't needed and make sure your video is clear and to the point.

Talk to your viewers too. Answer their comments and join in on popular trends. Building a bond with your audience can make them want to watch and share your videos more. In the end, whether your video is long or short, the key is to make it engaging so people want to watch and share it.

Trending sounds and hashtags

3. Trending sounds and hashtags

Trending sounds and hashtags can boost your TikTok video views. When people look for these sounds or hashtags, they might find your video.

To find what's trending, you can look at the TikTok Discover page. This page shows what's popular right now. Another option is the TikTok Creative Center, which gives insights on what's trending.

But just finding trends isn't enough. Make sure they fit with your video. Don't add them just for the sake of it. Here's how to use them well:

  • Pick sounds and hashtags that match your video's topic. This way, people who see your video will be more interested.

  • Try to mix well-known trends with lesser-known ones to reach different viewers.

  • Be creative with how you use them. Maybe tell a story using a trending sound or make a funny skit.

By using these methods, more people can see and enjoy your TikTok videos.

Create engaging and share-worthy content

4. Create engaging and share-worthy content

Creating TikTok content that people want to watch and share starts with knowing your audience. Find out what interests them and the videos they like. Then, make content that fits those interests.

To make your TikToks stand out:

  • Be different and try new ideas.

  • Share stories, as they help connect with viewers.

  • Share helpful information or teach something.

  • Add humor. Funny videos are often shared.

  • Make videos that people can relate to.

Make sure your videos look and sound good. Even simple improvements in lighting or sound can make a big difference.

Lastly, get viewers involved. Ask them questions or encourage them to interact with your videos. The more they engage, the more they'll want to share.

Interact with your audience

5. Interact with your audience

To grow a strong TikTok community, you need to talk and connect with your viewers. When you do, they see that you care about them, so they'll likely watch and share your videos more.

A good way to connect is by answering their comments. Saying thank you, answering a question, or just having a fun chat can help a lot. Joining TikTok trends shows you know what's popular, which can also bring you closer to your viewers. Going live lets you talk to them directly, and holding contests or giveaways can make things exciting.

It's good to reply to comments fast, be real in your chats, and get viewers talking in your videos. Asking them to make videos with you can also help. Stay happy and positive, as it attracts people. By talking and connecting well, you can build a big and active TikTok group.

Consistency in Posting

6. Consistency in Posting

Being regular with your TikTok posts is vital. When you post often, more people see your videos. This happens because TikTok shows videos more from those who post regularly.

Posting a lot also helps you get more followers and makes people look forward to your videos. They'll know when to watch out for your new content.

Being regular on TikTok has many benefits. Your videos get seen by more, more people interact with your content, you get new followers, and your name or brand becomes well-known.

How often should you post on TikTok? It can be different for everyone. But, posting at least once a day is good. To know the best time for you, check TikTok's insights to see when your viewers are active. You can also try different times and days to see what gets the best response.

Once you know the best times to post, try to keep to that schedule. This will help you grow on TikTok.

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