Youtube shorts: the easiest way to grow your youtube channel

November 3, 2023 -Content creation

Youtube shorts: the easiest way to grow your youtube channel

YouTube Shorts is the hottest new trend on YouTube, and it's a great way to grow your channel. These short, engaging videos are easy to create and share, and they're perfect for capturing the attention of viewers on the go.

YouTube Shorts

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are like quick, tiny videos that are perfect for watching on your phone when you have a little bit of time. They're made to fit right on your phone's screen and you can watch a bunch of them by just swiping up. They're kind of like YouTube's version of those fun, short videos that you might see on other apps.

These Shorts are really quick to watch, and they come with some neat options that let you add your favorite songs or cool special effects. When you open up YouTube, you'll see these Shorts first, so lots of people might end up watching your video.

Shorts are more than just for laughs. They're a way to get new people to notice your YouTube channel. You can make little Shorts to get people interested in the longer videos you make. They're also a great way to say hi to your viewers and make them feel like they're hanging out with you.

So, if you want more people to watch your YouTube stuff, try making Shorts. They're about sharing little pieces of fun, being creative, and having a great time.

Growing your channel

Why are YouTube Shorts so effective for growing your channel?

YouTube Shorts are a fantastic way to give your channel a boost, and they're really simple to make. You don't need to be a pro at video editing to put together some catchy Shorts using YouTube's own tools.

What's cool about Shorts is how they stand out on the YouTube app. They have their own special spot, so people can stumble upon them without even trying. They're also a snap to watch and pass around to friends on social media.

People from all over the globe, no matter their age, seem to love watching these little videos. That means you've got a chance to show your stuff to a whole bunch of new faces.

And here's the kicker: YouTube really wants Shorts to be a hit. They're making sure Shorts get noticed more on the app and they're even rewarding creators who get in on the action.

So, how do Shorts give your channel that extra oomph? Well, they can help you find new viewers who are just browsing around on YouTube. Plus, you can link back to your main channel or your longer videos right from your Shorts. That means more eyes on all your content.

Shorts also make it easy for folks to interact with your videos. They might leave a like, drop a comment, or even share your video with others. And the more they interact, the more your channel feels like a happening place to be.

YouTube Shorts are a straightforward, standout way to get more viewers, bump up your channel's activity, and build up a community that comes back for more. If you're all in on making your YouTube channel grow, you should definitely give Shorts a try.

engaging YouTube Shorts

How to create engaging YouTube Shorts

To make YouTube Shorts that grab people's attention, start by picking a topic everyone's talking about or that you know your viewers will find interesting. Think about what's hot right now or the kind of questions your viewers might have.

Right off the bat, you want to make sure your video grabs attention. You could kick things off with something funny, a cool fact, or even a big question that makes viewers stick around for more.

Since YouTube Shorts are all about what you see, you want to make them pop. Use bright colors, neat graphics, and some snazzy effects. Music and sounds can also really jazz things up and make your video more fun.

Remember, Shorts are super short! You've got 60 seconds max, so get to your point fast. Keep it snappy and leave your viewers looking forward to your next video.

Throw in some hashtags and keywords that fit your video. This way, when people search for stuff they're into, they might just find your Short. Pick hashtags that you'd search for if you wanted to find videos like the one you made.

And hey, don't forget to tell your viewers to hit that subscribe button and to like and comment on your videos. This not only gets the conversation going but also helps you create a buzz around your channel.

For even better Shorts, keep it real and let your own style shine through. Be yourself, that's who people want to see! And don't be shy to try new things. The more creative you are, the more you'll stand out.

It's also a good idea to keep the Shorts coming regularly. The more you post, the more likely it is that viewers will swing by your channel to see what's new.

promote your channel

How to use YouTube Shorts to promote your channel

Growing your YouTube channel can be easier with YouTube Shorts. Simply put a link to your main channel in your Shorts' description. This little action can guide viewers to see more of your work.

Create Shorts that serve as a snapshot of your longer videos. This acts as an appetizer that can lead to more views on your main content.

Don’t forget to share your Shorts on other social media to reach more people. Collaborating with fellow YouTubers on Shorts can be a bonus, exposing you to each other's audiences.

Interactive methods like hosting contests can make viewers more excited about your content, potentially increasing their interaction with your channel. Plus, if your Shorts get popular enough, there's a chance to earn from YouTube's Shorts Fund, which rewards creators for their popular Shorts.

Keep your Shorts crisp and make sure they encapsulate your message quickly to hold viewer interest. Engaging content in your Shorts can act as a conduit, making it very easy for viewers to become subscribers. It’s about creating a quick connection that can lead to a lasting subscriber relationship.

Tips for success

Tips for success with YouTube Shorts

To do well with YouTube Shorts, keep making new ones often. This keeps people coming back to your channel. Try different ways to make your Shorts fun and stand out.

Use words and hashtags that fit what your video is about so more people can find it. Talk to your viewers by asking questions and replying to comments, which can make them want to watch more and even subscribe.

Look at the YouTube Analytics to understand what's working and how to make your videos better.

Also, make sure your videos look and sound good, this makes people want to watch and share them. Be real and show who you are in your videos, people like that. Most of all, enjoy making your Shorts! If you're having a good time, it'll show and make your videos better.

For example, stick to a schedule like making a Short every day or a few every week. Try new things in your Shorts and use different styles to see what your viewers like. Find out what's popular and use those topics for your hashtags.

Get your viewers involved by chatting in the comments and holding contests. Finally, use YouTube Analytics to see what's popular and to get ideas for improving your Shorts. This can help your channel grow.

Being regular, creative, and interactive while also paying attention to quality and analytics are key to making the most of YouTube Shorts.

Remember, the more genuine and enjoyable your content is, the more likely you are to connect with your audience and see your channel thrive. So keep filming, keep sharing, and most importantly, have fun with it!

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