TikTok monetization: Everything you need to know

November 23, 2023 -Practical guides

TikTok monetization: Everything you need to know

TikTok monetization means making money from your TikTok videos. Creators use different ways to earn money. They can get paid for their video views through the TikTok Creator Fund, make deals with brands, or sell their own products. There are many ways to earn on TikTok, matching the wide variety of content you can create there.

Why is TikTok monetization important?

Making money on TikTok is more than just earning cash. It lets creators turn their hobbies into careers and feel proud and independent. When creators make money, they can also make better videos, which is great for everyone on TikTok.

This isn't just good for individual creators, it's changing how people think about making a living online. TikTok opens doors for all kinds of people to succeed, no matter where they come from or how experienced they are.

As TikTok grows, the ways to make money there will become even more important, leading the way in online content creation and helping new digital businesses grow.

TikTok Creator Fund

TikTok Creator Fund Explained

The TikTok Creator Fund is a big part of how TikTok helps its creators make money. If you're a creator on TikTok, you can earn money from the ads that run with your videos.

To be part of this fund, you need to have at least:

  • Age: Must be at least 18 years old

  • Location: Must be located in a country where the TikTok Creator Fund is available

  • Account: Account must be at least 30 days old

  • Views: Account must have at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days

  • Followers: Account must have at least 10,000 followers

When you're in the Creator Fund, you make a bit of money from the ads with your videos. How much you make for every 1,000 views can be around 2 to 4 cents. So, if your video gets a million views, you could earn about $20 to $40. It might not sound like a lot for a few views, but as your views add up, so does your income.

Remember, the Creator Fund isn't the only way to make money on TikTok. You can also work with brands, sell products, or use affiliate marketing to earn more. The key is to use different ways to make money and make the most of what TikTok offers. This way, you can grow your income and keep doing what you love.

TikTok Monetization Options

  • Brand Partnerships and Sponsored Content: Creators can earn thousands of dollars by working with brands, depending on their follower count and engagement rate.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Creators earn a commission, usually between 5% to 20%, by promoting products in their videos.

  • Merchandise Sales: Selling merchandise like clothing or accessories can earn creators a substantial profit, with some earning up to 80% profit margin on their sales.

  • Live Gifts in Streams: Creators can receive virtual gifts, which can be converted into money. Popular creators can earn hundreds of dollars per live session through these gifts.

  • Consulting and Coaching Services: Experienced creators can offer their expertise, with some charging up to $200 per hour for their services.


TikTok's future for making money is looking bright as it grows and reaches more people around the world. The platform is coming up with new ways for users to earn money, tailored to their skills and interests.

TikTok is also working on giving users clearer information and more control over their earnings. This includes exploring exciting technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence, which could offer fresh, innovative ways to make money.

Additionally, TikTok is focusing on helping users collaborate with brands and media companies, offering more opportunities to earn. As it expands into new areas globally, adapting to local needs, more and more users will have the chance to monetize their content.

Overall, TikTok is shaping up to be a space where creativity can flourish and be turned into successful careers.

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