How to get brand deals as a micro influencer

October 26, 2023 -Practical guides

How to get brand deals as a micro influencer

In the online world, you don't need millions of followers to make an impact. That's where micro influencers come in.

Micro influencers are becoming the quiet heroes of the online world. They might not have the huge follower counts like famous celebrities, but what they have is a genuine trust from their audience. This trust is gold for companies wanting to spread the word about their products or services.

Micro influencers have smaller groups of followers, usually between 1,000 to 50,000, but share a close bond with them. This makes them very appealing to brands. Not only are they genuine, but they're also often more budget-friendly for companies to team up with.

Being a micro influencer with dreams of collaborating with brands might feel a bit overwhelming. But worry not! Let's break down the journey.

This guide will show micro influencers how to team up with brands and keep those relationships strong.

Finding brands to collaborate with

Finding brands to collaborate with

Finding the right brands to team up with is crucial for micro influencers. Begin by pondering brands you appreciate and believe your followers would too. Think about your interests, the products you use, and brands you and your followers interact with online.

After having some names in mind, see which ones are already collaborating with micro influencers. A glance at social media tags like #collab or #sponsored might give you clues. Brand websites can also indicate if they're open to such partnerships.

When you're ready, get in touch. Send an email to the brand's marketing or PR team. Share about yourself, why you'd like to partner, and what sets you apart. Keep your message clear and mistake-free. If there's no reply after a week or two, a gentle reminder might help. But if there's still silence after a few nudges, perhaps it's best to explore other options. Patience is key in this process. The more persistent you are, the higher your chances of forging a partnership with a brand.

Pitching yourself to brands

Pitching yourself to brands

When you've found brands you'd like to work with, the next step is to pitch yourself. This is where you tell them about you and why you're a match for them.

To show brands who you are, make a media kit. It's like a profile about you with all the details brands want. With CreatorsJet, you can quickly make a media kit that always has the latest analytics. Plus, you can easily share it with a simple link.

An important part of your media kit is highlighting what makes you special. This distinctiveness separates you from other influencers and underlines why a brand would benefit from partnering with you.

Communication is key when reaching out to brands, ensure your emails are clear, error-free, and precise about what you seek. Swift responses to any brand communication demonstrate your commitment and respect for the opportunity.

If you want to use CreatorsJet, it's easy! Just sign up, connect your socials, create your kit, and give it your personal touch. Once done, your media kit link is ready to be shared, presenting you in a professional light.

Negotiating and establishing partnerships

Negotiating and establishing partnerships

After you've introduced yourself to brands and have some offers, the next step is talking terms. This involves discussing the work, how you'll be paid, and other details.

First, know what you're worth. Look up what influencers similar to you are getting paid. While platforms can help with this, remember to also trust your own judgment.

When starting, big payments might be rare. Begin with smaller brands and as you gain experience, bigger brands and better deals will come.

When you agree on terms, always put it in writing. This contract should clearly explain the work you'll do, your pay, how they can use what you create, and other key points. If making a contract seems tough, consider getting legal help.

By knowing your value, being patient, and keeping clear records, you'll navigate brand partnerships well.

Tracking and monitoring results

Tracking and monitoring results

Before starting a brand deal, decide what you hope to achieve. Do you want more people to know about the brand or maybe increase sales? Knowing your goals lets you check if the deal is working and if you need to make changes.

It's vital to keep track of how well your deal is doing. Metrics like how many people engage with your content or visit a website can tell you this. CreatorsJet is a tool that can help you monitor these numbers. With CreatorsJet, you can easily show these analytics to brands with their "campaigns" feature.

After a brand deal, let the brand know how it went. Share data like how many people engaged with your posts. This builds trust and can lead to more work together.

With CreatorsJet, you can show your results in a clear way, making things smoother for both you and the brand. It's handy for those who want a professional, efficient way to manage brand partnerships.

Maintaining Long-Term Relationships

Maintaining Long-Term Relationships

To keep good relationships with brands and get more deals, it's important to show you're trustworthy and excited about the partnership.

Always do your best to exceed what's expected. Reply quickly when a brand contacts you and always stay professional. Think of fresh ideas for campaigns to show you're creative and dedicated. Sometimes, a simple thank-you note can make a big difference.

If you want one-time deals to become ongoing partnerships, bring new ideas to the table after finishing a project. Stay in touch with brands and don't wait for them to contact you. As your partnership grows, be ready to discuss and adjust terms.

Doing all this can help you get more brand deals and succeed as a micro influencer.

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