17 Instagram Story Highlights Ideas

December 28, 2023 -Content creation

17 Instagram Story Highlights Ideas

Instagram Story Highlights are like a personal showcase on your profile. They stay even after your stories disappear in 24 hours, letting you keep your best moments for friends or followers to see anytime.

They're great for organizing your stories into themes like daily life, travel, or hobbies, making it easy for people to find what they like about you or your brand.

This feature is super useful for anyone who wants to make a lasting impression on Instagram.

1. Everyday Life: Simple Moments

Share your daily life. Show what you eat, where you go, and what you do every day.

2. Yummy Eats: Food and Cooking

Post pictures of your meals. Whether you cook at home or eat out, share your food adventures.

3. Pet Love: Fun with Pets

If you have a pet, show how cute they are. Share videos of them playing or just being adorable.

4. Getting Fit: Exercise Time

Show your workout routines. Whether it's a gym session or a jog in the park, share your fitness journey.

5. Style Diaries: Fashion and Makeup

Share your outfit of the day or makeup looks. Show off your style and give fashion tips.

6. Travel Fun: Places I Visit

When you travel, share photos and videos. Show the places you visit and what you like about them.

7. DIY Projects: Making Stuff

If you like making things, share your projects. It could be anything from painting to building something.

8. Bookworm Club: Reading Time

Talk about the books you read. Share your favorite books and what you're currently reading.

9. Chill Vibes: Relaxing and Meditation

Share how you relax. It could be meditation, yoga, or just enjoying a quiet moment.

10. Music Beats: Songs I Love

Share your favorite music. Talk about the songs you like and why you like them.

11. Art Corner: My Creations

If you like to draw or paint, show your art. Share your creative process and the final artwork.

12. Green Thumb: Gardening Fun

If you have a garden, share it. Show how your plants are growing and give gardening tips.

13. Adventure Time: Exciting Activities

If you do exciting things like hiking or surfing, share it. Show your adventures and what you love about them.

14. Virtual Worlds: Gaming Fun

If you play video games, talk about them. Share your gaming experiences and favorite games.

15. Star Gazing: Looking at the Sky

If you like looking at stars or planets, share it. Talk about the night sky and what you see.

16. Future Fashion: Cool Outfits

Show off unusual or trendy outfits. Share fashion that is different and stands out.

17. Dream Stories: My Dreams

Share stories about your dreams. Talk about what you dream at night and what you think they mean.

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